'Clash of Clans' Treasury update: Get Star Bonuses, safer way to store bonus loots and more

Clash of Clans/Official Facebook Page

"Clash of Clans" just keeps getting bigger and better. Game developer Supercell has finally released the highly coveted Treasury update, which brings truckloads of goodies and bug fixes that promise greater gaming experience.

The latest update introduces the Treasury, which Supercell describes "as a well-protected resource bank." This is where all loot bonuses can be stored safely. Players can hoard their riches there until they are prepared to use them.

The Treasury can also be seen as a replacement of the now-roofless Clan Castles. Its capacity varies and depends on the "Clash of Clans" player's Town Hall level and the Clan Perks they have at their disposal.

Supercell also notes that Clan Perks for "War loot extra storage" are now called "Treasury extra storage." The developer, however, points out that "Clan Perk values are unchanged" as "Treasury storage is similar to War Loot storage at most Town Hall levels."

The Daily Star Bonus just got more fun with the "Clash of Clans" update. Now, players can earn bonus loot for every five stars they get in multiplayer battles. Those who want to go big can try their hand at the Leagues.

Players at the Titan 3 League and beyond can enjoy the maximum Star Bonus award, which can, of course, be stored in the Treasury. Every day, a new Star Bonus will be up for grabs.

To make "Clash of Clans" extra exciting, players can now recover some of their lost resources (20 percent to be specific) by collecting a loot cart that shows off after every defense. The moment it shows up, which can be anywhere in the village, players must be quick to grab it because it can only be spawned once.

Also, thanks to the "Clash of Clans" Treasury update, the Eagle Artillery now deals three times the damage to Golems and Golemites. The Second Air Defense can now be unlocked at Town Hall 6 and third at Town Hall 7.

The update also eliminates annoying bugs such as one that gets the skeletons stuck in walls. In addition, only one Dark Spell can now be donated to the Clan Castle (a bug existed that allowed players to grant two or more).

Those who experience a crash or get stuck in idle while upgrading will no longer have to worry about this glitch.