'Clash of Clans' news, rumors: Arranged clan wars to be included in next update

Facebook/ClashofClans"Clash of Clans" promotional photo.

The July update of popular mobile game "Clash of Clans" is already overdue, and fans are anticipating the new features that the update could bring to their beloved game. The impending update could bring a long-awaited feature in the "Clash" community — arranged wars between two closely-matched clans.

There are rumors suggesting that the next update would be focused on the clan war, and, according to ClashToday, it is possible that the implementation of arranged wars is coming to the game. These arranged wars would be permitted provided that the two participating clans are closely matched.

The introduction of arranged wars will enable player-driven innovation, such as clan tournaments. Players from participating clans could come together and arrange a one-day tournament or a longer-term league.

There might be a challenge with ensuring that the participating clans are closely matched up, which might be the factor that is keeping developer Supercell from releasing such a feature.

However, the inclusion of this component into the game's widely popular gameplay will unlock a whole new level of player participation and possibly introduce a whole new degree of competition, as community members will be able to gather with other players from the locality or city, and hold contests to determine who the best clan is.

The current clan war feature of the game involves matching your clan up with a random clan with the same level of achievements and member's levels.

Another rumored inclusion for the next update could be a new trap that counters Miners and Bowlers. This will further improve the game balance and may see the rise of different variations of attacks the during clan wars.

While there is no announcement as to when the next update will be, "Clash" fans will be keen on getting the game's latest improvements and its new features.