Churches pray for lasting peace in their cities

Across the nation, churches are using their Sunday services as an opportunity to pray for the nation after unprecedented violence in parts of England.

Global Day of Prayer London is asking every church in the UK to join together to pray “fervently” for the nation.

It described the violence and looting across London and other English cities as “catastrophic” for communities.

It called upon Christians to “prayerfully reflect” upon the “state of spiritual emergency” unfolding in the nation.

Churches are being asked to pray especially for local councils, the police, MPs, young people, the emergency services and shop owners.

“No one can be in any doubt that the anarchy and lawlessness portrayed on our TV screens represent a much deeper social and spiritual condition in the nation,” said Jonathan Oloyede, convener of GDOP London.

“The church must act now prophetically and practically to stem the diabolical forces at work in our communities and cities.”