Church opens up discussion on vision and strategy for growth

The Church in Wales is inviting members to share their thoughts on where the Church should be going and what its priorities should be for the coming years.

The 2020 Vision online forum is a space where members can discuss changes in the Church happening through its strategy for growth, and any ideas or questions they might have.

The forum has been launched off the back of the 2020 Vision review of the Church in Wales to assess what it should look like by the time it celebrates its centenary in 2020.

The review has inspired the creation of Ministry Areas led by teams of clergy and lay people, replacing the traditional pattern of smaller parishes led by one cleric.

The Bishop of Bangor, Andy John, who is on the 2020 Vision strategy group, said the online forum was a chance for people to engage directly with each other, as well as have their say about the changes taking place.

He said, "This is a very exciting time for the Church in Wales as we approach our centenary and we want everyone to be part of it.

"We have taken a serious look at how we can improve our ministry and make the most of the rich resources we have and, as a result, quite radical changes are now underway which will affect most of our churches in time.

"We hope this new discussion forum will be an easy way for people to share ideas with each other, raise issues and voice their concerns and hopefully then be inspired, informed, reassured and feel part of the process."

People can log onto the 2020 Vision discussion forum at

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