Church of Scotland offers thoughts and prayers after Shetland helicopter crash

The Church of Scotland says its thoughts and prayers are with all those involved in the fatal helicopter crash off Shetland on Friday.  

Four people died when a Super Puma L2 helicopter crashed west of Sumburgh Airport at around 18:20 BST.

They were named as Duncan Munro, 46, from Bishop Auckland, Sarah Darnley, 45, from Elgin, Gary McCrossan, 59, from Inverness, and George Allison, 57, from Winchester.

The helicopter was carrying 18 people, with 14 rescued after the aircraft crashed into the sea in foggy conditions.

Three of the bodies have been recovered so far, with one still missing.

The helicopter was carrying two crew and 16 workers from the Borgsten Dolphin oil rig platform to Shetland when it ditched.

Helicopter operator CHC said in a statement that it did not know the cause of the accident but that a "full investigation" would be carried out.

As a precaution, it has temporarily suspended all of its Super Puma L2 flights worldwide.

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Right Reverend Lorna Hood said: "We offer our deepest sympathy and heartfelt sorrow as we pray for all those grieving loss this morning.

"We also offer our gratitude for the bravery of all those involved in the rescue and are reminded once again of the perilous nature of work in the oil and gas industry.

"I will be in touch with our Chaplain to the Oil and Gas Industry the Rev Gordon Craig. I am sure he will be offering his help and support in the aftermath of this incident.

"I am sure all churches across Scotland and beyond, will be remembering in their services this weekend those who have died and those who are grieving."