Church of Scotland Moderator reveals new Kirk treasures

The Right Reverend Lorna Hood with the new cross and ring

A new ring and traditional cross have been unveiled in Edinburgh by the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

The originals went missing at Edinburgh Airport last year and have never been found despite appeals for information and the offer of a reward.

The Right Reverend Lorna Hood was able to see the funny side when she was later mistaken for a jewel thief as she attended a fitting with a duplicate of the missing treasure.

Jewellery shop staff had recognised the copy of the lost gold ring and called the police.

The replacements have been created by Hamilton & Inches, Scotland's leading jewellery store based in Edinburgh.

Mrs Hood said, "The jewellers have done a fantastic job replicating the details of the cross, chain and ring. I don't intend to let it out of my site. I won't quite wear it to bed but I will cherish it and look after it well."

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