UK LifeLeague protest against Abortionary Proposals

UK Life League, Britain's leading pro-life activists group, staged a peaceful prayer to give witness against the "horrendous proposal" by the notorious privately run British Pregnancy Advisory Service to open an abortuary in Cardiff city centre.

UKLL Spokesperson Nicola Reardon said, “This infamous abortion ‘provider' is already responsible for the deaths of countless thousands of unborn babies, and they have made a substantial contribution to the overall death toll of over six and a half million children since the Abortion Act was passed in Britain in 1967. They have also featured in several inquests regarding the deaths of young women at their so-called ‘clinics' throughout Britain. But still BPAS plan to steamroller ahead with their plans to open this new killing centre."

Indeed, questions are being asked in the Welsh Assembly and local people, including businesses, are being asked to oppose this abortion clinic which alarmingly is to be sited in St.Mary Street, a main high street where many shoppers mill around.

“Our activists in UK LifeLeague will not allow BPAS to kill unborn children in the centre of the lifeblood of the city of Cardiff, as the capital city of Wales could become the abortion centre of the whole principality.”