Church of England completes review of child abuse cases

A Church of England review into child abuse has identified 13 cases needing formal action.

The review was launched in 2007 and looked at 40,747 files dating back more than 30 years.

Eleven cases were referred to the statutory authorities. Eight of them involved a member of the clergy and three involved a non-ordained person holding church office.

The Church referred six cases to the police for advice or investigation but was told police were unable to take further action.

In two cases relating to members of the clergy, independent reviewers recommended that the Church take formal disciplinary action.

The review found that there were no cases where a police investigation was still ongoing.

The Rt Rev Anthony Priddis, chair of the Church’s Central Safeguarding and Liaison Group charged with carrying out the review, said there were now no child abuse cases which had not been investigated by the police or other relevant authorities.

“As a result of this Review, we are now able to say that nobody representing the Church in a formal capacity has allegations on file that have not been thoroughly re-examined in the light of current best practice, and any appropriate action taken,” he said.

“But there is no room for complacency, and the Church, like other organisations working with children, remains committed continually to developing our procedures for safeguarding vulnerable people.”