Church Leaders Prepare for Huge 'Year for London' Prayer Event for 2007

London church leaders last night committed to a major prayer event planned for the capital throughout 2007 - 24/7 prayer spread across 365 days, including Christmas Day.

Around 100 church leaders from across London gathered Tuesday evening to plan for a massive 24/7 prayer initiative for 2007 that will see churches of all denominations and traditions join in a 365-day prayer relay for the capital.

|PIC1|'A Year for London' is the brainchild of Pastor Jonathan Oloyede of Glory House, one of the largest Pentecostal churches in London.

His dream is to unite all churches in the capital in continuous prayer for transformation every day of 2007 - including Christmas day - and he already has the full support of Nicky Gumble at Holy Trinity Brompton, who is urging all of the Alpha churches to take part.

"The vision is to see the church united every single hour of every single day saying 'Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done.' If we can say that prayer 365 times in the Spirit then something has to change in this city," says Pastor Oloyede.

Each Friday will be set apart as a special day of both prayer and voluntary fasting.

All churches have to do to join in the year-long event is to sign up to a particular day, or more, via a website dedicated to the event,, which will allow not only interested Christians in London to take part but also people across the world who are praying for transformation in the city.

The high turnout last night was testimony to the enormous interest this simple idea is already generating among church leaders in the capital, who last night pledged the full support of their churches and church members - many testifying the huge potential the prayer relay movement could have.

One of the highlights of the year of prayer for London will be a massive prayer and worship rally to be held at West Ham (Upton Park) Stadium on Pentecost Sunday.

"If every church mobilised just one tenth of its people then we would not be able to find a venue big enough," said Pastor Oloyede.

|PIC3|And mobilise is the key challenge facing organisers of the 24/7 prayer event. They are calling for all churches of all denominations and traditions in London to sign up and take the prayer baton for at least one whole day at their church, although churches are welcome to take smaller or larger slots.

"We can take this nation when we are united," said Pastor Oloyede.

Pastor Agu Irukwu, Senior Pastor of Jesus House, a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, has "volunteered" 100 Redeemed Churches across London to take part in the event.

Pastor Irukwu, who has already volunteered Jesus House to kick off the prayer relay for the entire day on 1 January 2007, said, "We are determined to do it... We feel God has called us to do it and we are going to do it."

The prayer events for London are an extension of the Global Day of Prayer campaign which last year united 400 million people worldwide in prayer.

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