Church Fund to Help Flood-Affected Farmers

Rural church and agricultural bodies have united to bring much-needed assistance to farmers whose lands and crops have been badly damaged by the June floods.

The ARC-Addington Fund will administer vital financial assistance in light of the continuing severe weather across South Yorkshire and Hull.

The fund was established by the Arthur Rank Centre, the churches' rural resources centre, and remains a major part of the churches' response to the issues facing the agricultural community.

The assistance is part of a response to the flooding from the Farming Help Partnership, which brings together the three national charities working in the farming community - ARC-Addington Fund, Farm Crisis Network and the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution.

"By the time we realise the full impact of the flooding the headlines and the water will be long gone," says Ian Bell, Director of the ARC-Addington Fund.

The fund will provide a package of pastoral support and hardship payments to any farmers who have been adversely affected by the recent floods. This includes those who have had to bring in stock and are unable to cover feed costs, and soft fruit producers who have lost income because their crop has been destroyed.

Mr Bell said: "While cash is a necessary and immediate relief, the value of the pastoral support during difficult times can never be underestimated."

The fund was originally set up in response to the Foot and Mouth Disease in 2001. The ARC warned that there were only limited funds available to commence the latest emergency fund and that more support is needed to cope with the scale of the problem.

Farmers can ring 07002 326 326 for more information.
Anyone wishing to support this initiative can send payments by cheque or credit card by contacting the ARC-Addington Fund on 024 7669 0587.