Christians challenge widening gap between rich and poor

A new resource pack has been published by Christian poverty action groups to help churches address poverty in the UK.

The Breaking Barriers pack has been produced for use during Poverty & Homelessness Action Week, from January 28 to February 5, which also incorporates Homelessness Sunday and Poverty Action Sunday.

The pack contains ideas and tips for addressing poverty and raising funds for local and national projects. There are also materials to support reflection in worship and work with children and youth.

A prayer calendar features different barriers on each day of Poverty & Homelessness Action Week to encourage participants to reflect and to act for change.

CAP is hoping churches, schools and community groups will use the ideas in the pack to show solidarity with people who are pushed to the edge of society, and challenge the barriers of misunderstanding, stigma and injustice associated with poverty.

Alastair Cameron of Scottish Churches Housing Action said: “Our society is full of barriers, and poverty creates many of them – barriers to getting on the housing ladder, or into a job, or even feeling safe in a particular part of town.

"False expectations set up by rampant materialism, status and acquisitiveness build barriers, too.

"The resource materials provide alternatives, giving ideas for how to build bridges within our communities.”

Niall Cooper, National Coordinator of Church Action on Poverty said: “Poverty and Homelessness Action Week will provide a timely opportunity for churches to reflect on one of the pressing topical issues of the day, namely: how can we break down the barriers between rich and poor; how can we start to break the barriers between those with wealth, money and power in society and those without.”

The Breaking Barriers resource pack is now available online at

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