Christian writer Matt Barber believes Ted Cruz as U.S. president will act as 'Jesus' hands and feet'

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is the ‘right man for right now,’ according to conservative Christian writer Matt BarberReuters

Conservative Christian writer Matt Barber had tried to refrain from making any political endorsement since he first dabbled into U.S. politics, but on Sunday, he decided to raise the hand of a presidential candidate because "this time the stakes are too high not to."

Writing on his BarbWire blog, Barber said he will be endorsing U.S. Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas because he "best personifies the anti-establishment, principle over perceived pragmatism, survival over political correctness mood of the American electorate."

"I believe, God willing, that Sen. Cruz, a constitutional stalwart and steadfast statesman, is here 'for a time such as this'," Barber wrote. "He alone, in the spirit of Reagan v. Carter, can, in my estimation, mop the floor in the general election with Hillary Clinton (aka, Obama in a pantsuit)."

Barber believes that only Jesus Christ alone can truly save America from its current downward moral spiral, but Cruz is the "right man for right now."

He also believes that the Republican presidential bet is Jesus' appointed man "to act as His hands and feet."

"Ted Cruz is immovable, fearless and dogged in his determination to do the right thing. His integrity, character, remarkable communication skills and extraordinary persuasive powers, as evidenced by his five landmark victories before the U.S. Supreme Court as Texas solicitor general, have, among other things, uniquely qualified this fine man to become the leader of the free world," Barber said

"These are dark times. Ted Cruz is a righteous man. As president, he'll shine bright. He'll light the path. He'll help make America that 'shining city on a hill' once more."

Barber said there are actually "other honourable, eminently qualified and actually conservative men in the GOP primary," but circumstances have made it clear to him that Cruz is the candidate to support.