Christian Socialist Movement becomes Christians on the Left

Members of the Christian Socialist Movement have overwhelmingly backed a change in the organisation's name to Christians on the Left.

The new name reflects the broad spectrum of Christians who are active 'on the left' of politics.

Plans for the name change were announced around the time of the organisation's AGM in March but it was only confirmed after an overwhelming vote of support from CSM members over the summer.

The vote followed a year of debate and a consultation in which Christians on the Left was submitted as a possible new name for the organisation.

The ballot of the membership saw a 67.3% vote in favour of the new name and it will be launched in the autumn.

CSM Director Andy Flannagan said: "All across the UK, Christians are engaging with their communities in incredible ways.

"They are discovering that systems and structures need transformation as well as the people who are part of them. In short, they are realising the need to be political. We connect, equip and support those getting involved.

"The new name will help us reach out to build a stronger bridge between Christians concerned about the world around them and left of centre politics. Christians on the Left is a name which makes it clear what we do - it 'does what it says on the tin'."

CSM said there had been some confusion among potential members over the current name, with some incorrectly understanding it to be a separate political party. Others had been put off by the word 'socialist', which CSM said had "less contemporary resonance today".

Although 'socialist' has been omitted from the organisation's title, members voted to include a statement on their commitment to Christian Socialism in the constitution.

Mr Flannagan added: "Christians on the Left is a name which was suggested by the membership, via an extensive consultation. It is rare to see such agreement about something so subjective as a name.

"This overwhelming vote confirms our feedback that 'Christians on the Left' will be a clear, energetic and inclusive name which will draw more people to us.

"It has been very encouraging to talk to so many members in recent months- there is faith, intelligence, vision and passion to see politics and our nation transformed."