Christian singer Jordan Feliz on finding 'true freedom' in God

Christian singer Jordan Feliz credits God for transforming his life for the better.(PHOTO: Instagram/Jordan Feliz)

The music career of Jordan Feliz is on the rise, especially with the release of his sophomore album, Future. The album details the singer's own struggles in life - how he found peace in the present and how he overcame the challenges he encountered that were completely unexpected.

As a Christian husband and father with a successful music career, Feliz has good reason to be happy. However, the singer said everything he has achieved would all be for naught if he did not have God on his side.

At the same time, Feliz said that he was able to attain "true freedom" in life because of his Savior, who liberated him and pushed him to become the musician that he is now.

"It's funny that we're told so many times in our lives, especially by our society, that satisfaction in life is impossible," he told The Christian Post. "It's like you can never make enough money, or you can never have enough stuff. But because when we shake those expectations that the world tells us to have on ourselves, we really can find true peace, and where our satisfaction truly should lie in our self-worth, in Jesus."

Not every Christian is willing to let go of their frustrations and trust God with all of their hearts, but Feliz is really encouraging them to do so. He testifies that when he did this, he was able to conquer his need for "materialistic things like cars and money and all this junk."

"Honestly, it's probably one of the most liberating things I think anybody could ever go through, because that's where you find true freedom. That moment when you realize you don't have control and it's OK to not have control - that is what God calls us to do, He calls us to literally give Him our struggle, give Him our fears, give Him our anxieties," he said.