Christian Peoples Alliance joins forces with European Christian Democrats

The Christian Peoples Alliance (CPA) has made British electoral history by being the first party in the country to formally join part of the European family of Christian Democratic parties.

The Federal Executive of the CPA made the decision earlier in the month to align more closely with the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM), an alliance of Christian parties, NGOs and think-tanks across the European continent.

CPA Federal President Stephen Hammond said: "There's renewed interest across the whole of Europe in seeking the renewal of the Christian foundation of the continent. It is an important step for the Christian Peoples Alliance to take in joining ECPM.

"We want to learn from what other Christian parties are doing in their own countries, but also make a distinctive British contribution ourselves.

"It is exciting that the Christian conscience is being brought to bear in national parliaments across Europe. We look forward to the day when the Christian Peoples Alliance also wins representation."

The ECPM platform was birthed at the "For a Christian Europe" conference in Hungary in 2002 where representatives of political parties from more than 15 countries addressed the prospects for Christian politics in Europe.

Its focus is on the human being and its relationship to God, other people and creation.

The Christian Peoples Alliance, meanwhile, is linked to parties which form the European Peoples Party, the largest grouping in the European Parliament.