Christian model’s campaign to end sale of Cosmopolitan to under-18s

Model Nicole Weider has started a movement to stop shops selling Cosmopolitan Magazine to girls under the age of 18.

Weider, founder of Project Inspired, is alarmed by the impact of the overtly sexual content in women’s magazines and says they are committing a “crime” by marketing graphic sex tips to underage kids.

Her concerns have been brought to bear by the latest edition of Cosmopolitan which features 17-year-old actress Dakota Fanning alongside a cover line saying “Too Naughty to Say Here. But you HAVE to try this Sex Trick”.

When Weider recently appeared on Fox News to talk about her campaign, some of the cover lines were so racy that they had to be blurred to protect young viewers. Yet such magazines are displayed in full view of children and sold without restrictions in supermarkets and newsagents across the US and UK.

Weider believes that the sexual content has reached such a point that magazines like Cosmo should be sold in non-transparent wrappers and only to customers over the age of 18.

This is the message she is taking to the publishing industry with her new campaign, which has already accrued 22,000 signatures to its petition.

“I have received hundreds of supportive comments and emails from girls as young as 11,” she said.

“They write me letters detailing how they've tried the sexual tips written about in Cosmo, only to get their hearts broken, or worse — getting pregnant or catching an STD.

“This publication has steadily declined into a full-on pornographic ‘how to’ guide for teens and vulnerable young girls.”

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