Christian Lawyers Support Change to Abortion Law

The Lawyers Christian Fellowship is calling on Christians to support a new Bill to amend the present abortion law so that women are more aware of the possible negative effects of the procedure on their physical and mental health.

Under the current law, women are allowed to have abortions if there is risk of injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman. The Bill introduced by Conservative MP Ann Winterton would require the notification form to state more specifically whether the abortion was carried out on physical grounds or mental grounds.

It would also require that women are informed of the available alternatives to abortion and the possible negative effects of the procedure on their physical and mental health, as well as ensure they receive counselling for one week before making a final decision on the abortion, so that they have time to change their minds.

The Bill, to be introduced on 5 June, has won the support of pro-life MPs in all parties, including Labour MP Jim Dobbin, Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group.

The LCF is calling on Christians to write to their MPs to urge them to attend the debate in Parliament and to post notices on their church bulletin and notice boards asking fellow church members to write to their MPs and call on them to voice their support for the Bill.

According to the LCF, the Bill has received the backing of leading psychiatrists and gynaecologists who quote the latest research on abortion and mental health published in the January 2006 edition of The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

The research found that even women with no history of mental health problems were at greater risk of developing psychological problems after an abortion. According to the research, women who had an abortion had twice the level of mental health problems and were three times more likely to develop a major depressive illness than those who had given birth or never been pregnant.

"Write to your MP without delay, urging support," said the LCF.