Christian Group Protests 'Brokeback Mountain' Oscar Nominations

A U.S. Christian group said on Thursday that it gathered more than 61,000 signatures to protest the eight Oscar nominations for Brokeback Mountain, which it said makes “homosexuality mainstream in America.”

“The Academy’s nomination of this film has little to do with honoring great moviemaking,” said Gary Cass, executive director of the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ in a letter to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science.

“Instead, it is just a high-profile attempt to mainstream the homosexual agenda. That this movie uses the classic symbol of the American male – the cowboy – to promote this agenda is offensive to the vast majority of Americans.”

The Center for Reclaiming America for Christ is a grassroots organization based out of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. that provides information, training, and support to those interested in “positively affecting the culture and renewing the vision of our Founding Fathers.” Participants of the organizations come from all 50 states.

Other Christian leaders have also commented on this movie including ex-gay ministry leaders.

“Brokeback Mountain is a movie that has some reality in it," said former homosexual, Alan Chambers. "The reality is that gay life is not happy."

Chambers, now married with two children founded Exodus International, the nation’s largest network of former homosexuals. The ministry gives many former homosexuals the hope that they too can have a biblically-sanctioned, loving marriage.

According to Chambers, homosexuality is "just not right" no matter how much a person tries to ignore their gut feelings.

"There isn't a person who struggles with homosexuality out there – not to mention the mainstream – who doesn't have some inclination, feeling that it's just not right," he said.

Mike Ensley, who joined Exodus after leaving behind the gay lifestyle, said Christians, in particular, must wake up to this "calculated and purposeful move to silence the opposition" and "desensitize people.”

Chambers said the cause of homosexuality is a lack of genuine relationships.

"The reason we see such a pandemic related to sexuality is because we're broken relationally," he explained. "We struggle with intimacy, marriage, and everyday relations. The closest thing that we can find is often counterfeit, via pornography, prostitution, or impure thoughts or relationships."

"Man needs a loving relationship with God," he stated. "The whole thing is that God created us to be in relationship first and foremost with Him."

The Center for Reclaiming America said the letter with the names of the 61,061 signers will be delivered just ahead of the annual Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday.

Jennifer Riley
Christian Today Correspondent