Christian Council of Ghana: Put Country First

The Christian Council of Ghana has warned at a news conference in Accra Tuesday that the country must come first if the economy is to improve.

|TOP|Chairman of the Council, Rev. Dr Paul Kofi Fynn, warned that the economic situation would not get better if citizens did nothing but discuss differences, reports the Ghanaian Times.

Rev Fynn said the fight against poverty and the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) required all hands on deck.

He said: “Since we seek to build a vibrant and peaceful democracy, there is the need to bury all political differences and put Ghana first.

“The Christian Council of Ghana appeals to the political parties to put the nation first and spend more time discussing issues of national interest such as education, health and poverty,” he said.

The Chairman of the CCG also made an appeal to professional bodies and Ghanaians to alike to engage in sober reflection on the country’s situation and rededicate themselves to the development of the nation.