Christian church and 'The Walking Dead': Similarities exist, says Christian author

A scene from an episode in 'The Walking Dead' Season 6 set to premier on AMC on Oct. 11.(AMC)

Nobody would think of associating the zombie apocalypse show "The Walking Dead" with the Christian church, but Christian speaker, author and coach Mikaela Kate thinks there are actually some similarities between the two.

In an article written for Charisma News, Kate noted that the lead characters of "The Walking Dead," led by Rick Grimes, fight for survival while faced with "unimaginable circumstances."

"Each day a choice stares them each in the face. Will they choose to fight for the sake of the group, or will they fight each other thinking only of themselves?" she wrote. "You would think with scary killing zombies everywhere the group would quickly come together to fight the real enemy. But survival seems to bring out the best and worst in people, and although the zombies are clearly the 'bad' guys, the humans still end up fighting one another."

This is the same way with the church, said Kate. Jealousy, selfishness, and the desire for control often keep its members from accomplishing whatever goal it has set.

"We are often busy debating theology, politics, and our stance on issues. We find ourselves sacrificing relationships for the sake of being 'right' and we won't budge, and sometimes won't even truly listen to each other," she lamented.

Kate said Christians are in a war with evil, which is the real enemy. She added that people should always keep in mind that there will always be a bigger battle to be fought aside from petty squabbles and differences.

"We seek to be the best church on the block, rather than bond together for the sake of our community, city, and nation. I am not saying I am perfect or my church has is it all figured out," she said. "I am saying my heart has been challenged to seek unity for the bigger battle at hand. I have no idea what that looks like, but I know the challenge stands in front of me/us."

She pointed out that one cannot reach God's kingdom alone, but rather in the company of a family of believers. "In this season God is stirring family in the hearts of His people," she said.