Christian campaigners launch new viral against embryology Bill

The Lawyers Christian Fellowship (LCF) and Christian Action Research Education (CARE) joined forces with the All Party Pro-Life Group on Wednesday to launch a new viral campaign video into cyberspace.

The Block of Wood Viral asks profound questions about the value of human life in order to stimulate greater public engagement with the highly controversial Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill which - among other things - legalises the creation of animal-human hybrid embryos and saviour siblings and could facilitate changes to UK abortion law.

The Block of Wood has been expertly created by team of artists Quirky Motion and Story Wise, and is designed to be sent from friend to friend and family to family by email. It has been posted on YouTube and social networking sites such as FaceBook and MySpace.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, Director of Public Policy for the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship commented, "We want to use virals to make people think about the value of human life and how we treat one another.

"The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill is controversial. It will pretty much allow Scientists to do anything they want with the embryo for up to 14 days including creating animal- human hybrids.

"The Bill devalues human life and will lead to the deconstruction of a civilised society. We are increasingly isolated in the scientific world and are sleep-walking into a Brave New Britain."

Nola Leach, head of CARE, concluded: "I am delighted that we are today launching The Block of Wood viral which asks the viewer to consider the value of human life and to reflect on their response in light of the far reaching implications of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill?

"We want people to remember that the life of a human being, made in the image of God, is incredibly precious and that this reality must inform what legislation should and what it should not permit."

The Block of Wood can be viewed at:

Or on YouTube at: