Christian artist Hollyn says TobyMac changed her life, taught her to 'love people well'

Christian artist Hollyn says people are currently living in very dark times, so it is important to remain strong in Christ.(Facebook/Hollyn)

Breakout Christian artist Hollyn impressed the faith community with her first No. 1 single "Alone" featuring TRU. The single climbed all the way up to the Hot Adult Contemporary (AC)/Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) charts in the first six weeks since its release. The song then made it to the United States Viral 50 and Global Viral 50 chart playlists.

Hollyn told The Christian Post that hip-hop recording artist TobyMac played a huge influence in her musical career. She revealed that she co-wrote some of the songs found in his latest album such as "Lights Shine Bright" and "Backseat Driver" before she released her own music.

"Toby has changed my life," she said. "He not only has taken me under his wing in a musical sense, but he and his family/community have accepted me into their lives. It's a beautiful life and I am eternally grateful for his friendship and all he and my team have done for me."

TobyMac taught her a lot of great things, but Hollyn will always remember his advice to "love people well."

"This has stuck with me and at the end of the day, apart from the music, it's the relationships and impact we make on people's lives that count. He is full of wisdom, so I'm sure I'll continue to learn from him," she added.

She appreciates how TobyMac encourages her to strengthen her personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Even though Hollyn admits that it is far from perfect, she still strives to make Him a priority in her life.

The singer said people are currently living in very dark times, so it is important to remain strong in Christ.

"If we stand together and encourage each other to pursue Christ, we will overcome [challenges]. Plus, we already know who wins in the end, so that's comforting," she said.