Christian appeals Sunday working decision

Celestina Mba has never worked on a Sunday

The case of a Christian who resigned from her job after being forced to work Sundays is to come before an Employment Appeal Tribunal.

Celestina Mba had worked at the Brightwell Children's Home in Morden, London, for three years and her wish to not work on Sundays was respected by her employers.

When the leadership changed their policy and told her she would have to work Sundays, Mrs Mba felt there was no other alternative than to resign from her job.

"Everything that I suggested, they said no," she said.

Mrs Mba lost her claim for constructive dismissal at a hearing in February this year after the judge ruled that it was acceptable for her employer to make her work on the Sabbath.


She is challenging the decision at an Employment Appeal Tribunal with the support of the Christian Legal Centre.

The CLC asked Christians to pray that the freedom of Christians to not work on a Sunday would be recognised.

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