Christian Aid funds emergency food distribution in flood-hit Pakistan

Christian Aid is funding the distribution of emergency food to people affected by widespread flooding in Pakistan(Photo: Christian Aid)

Christian Aid has sent funds to partners in Pakistan who are assisting people affected by torrential monsoon rains and flash floods.

At least 80 people have been killed and more than 80,000 displaced as a result of the heavy rains. Christian Aid warns that around 2,500 homes have been completely destroyed and crops have been ruined, leaving farmers without any means to provide for their families.

Heavy rains are expected to continue in the coming weeks, leaving almost half of the country's districts at risk of flooding.

Christian Aid is distributing food packages to more than 2,500 people in Thatta, Sindh. The packages contain rice, flour, pulses, tea, cooking oil, sugar and salt, and are designed to last a month.

In addition to providing emergency food, Christian Aid is making longer-term plans to help affected families recover once the flood waters have subsided.

The aid organisation already has a presence in Pakistan where it has contributed £5.6m towards a relief programme that includes disaster risk reduction.

Ginny Robins, Christian Aid Emergency Officer for Pakistan said: "As the rivers flood in the north, there is concern for low lying areas as flooding spreads further south, particularly in the Sindh, where floods are often heavy.

"Monsoon floods are a seasonal occurrence in the region. However, in the last few years, rains of increased intensity have brought the worst flooding on record, causing devastation and misery.

'Working through partner organisations we will help some of the worst affected families to recover."

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