Christian Aid Determined to 'Make Poverty History'

Following last week's decision by the UK government to withhold £50 million of its contribution to the World Bank, Christian Aid rejoiced, but has called out on international development secretary, Hilary Benn, to go further.

Recently, Paul Wolfowitz, the head of the World Bank, suffered defeat over his flagship policy to fight corruption, after member countries insisted they would take over control of the plan from its management.

In a significant victory for Benn, the bank's development committee said it would take "oversight" of the plan and demanded a progress report in six months

Christian Aid's head of policy Charles Abugre said in a statement: "We now urge Britain to go the extra mile and withhold all its monies."

"This is a very welcome development and vindicates Christian Aid's long held belief that economic conditions imposed on poor countries by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund can be disastrous for poor countries."

UK is still withholding funds from the World Bank, despite recent confusion that Benn had handed back the money to the Bank.

Benn's decision went in step with Tony Blair's announcement in last year's Make Poverty History campaign, where he promised to no longer force poor countries to implement controversial economic policies in return for aid.

Christian Aid's campaign 'The Beat Goes on' campaign and rally at the Treasury last week urged the UK government to withdraw money from the World Bank and IMF and to follow the promise.