Christian actor David Oyelowo does not want to glamourise his role in 'Captive'

'Captive' is based on the novel written by Ashley Smith entitled 'Unlikely Angel: The Untold Story of the Atlanta Hostage Hero.'(Paramount Pictures)

Christian actor David Oyelowo ris returning to the big screen as a vengeful killer in the upcoming film "Captive."

Speaking to Charisma News, Oyelowo said he has been very careful not to glamourise the acts of killing and hostage-taking in his new movie so as not to send the wrong message to fans.

"Captive" tells the real-life story of Ashley Smith (played by Kate Mara), who was held hostage by escaped murderer Brian Nichols (Oyelowo) back in 2005. Nichols killed four people while escaping from an Atlanta courthouse, stealing cars, and then kidnapping Smith.

Despite all despicable acts Nichols committed, Oyelowo said some viewers might sympathise with Nichols and see him as the film's hero, and he didn't want that to happen. "We had to work very hard to make sure that Brian Nichols didn't come off as a cool kind of James Bond-like character, because you have all the cinematic touchpoints... that we actually associate with heroes," Oyelowo told Charisma News.

"I'm running around in a suit. I've got two guns. I'm killing people. I had to work very hard to make sure it didn't feel glamorous, make sure it felt cold-hearted. That was pretty surprising, the fact that Brian Nichols in a lot of movies could be deemed to be 'cool.'"

As a Christian, Oyelowo automatically disliked the role of Nichols, but he felt that he has a moral obligation to be a part of films that show "how God's light always defeats the darkness."

"My world view is very much borne out of my faith, so therefore I am an artist who believes that what I put out into the world has an effect, and therefore I have to be responsible for that," he said. "There are some who say that films and what they portray don't affect an audience. I would vehemently disagree and say that those are irresponsible individuals who probably know they're putting bad stuff out there but don't want to claim responsibility for it."

He admitted that he was actually drawn to "Captive" because of Smith, who prior to her kidnapping was a drug junkie. When she read Rick Warren's book "The Purpose Driven Life" while being held hostage by Nichols, a miracle happened—and both her and her captive's lives were changed for good.

"I play a murderer," said Oyelowo. "I play someone who does reprehensible things, but the reason I wanted to see that story told is ultimately a miraculous circumstance ensues whereby this woman's life is changed for the better. I mean, Ashley Smith actually credits Brian Nichols as a kind of saviour of hers. She feels her life probably would have remained the same without Nichols infiltrating her apartment."

Smith quit drugs after surviving the incident with Nichols, became a Christian, got married, and now travels the country in a bid to inspire other people to turn to God.