Christian Wife Shares How She Makes Her Marriage to an Atheist Husband Work


Can a relationship between a devout Christian and someone who does not believe in God work? A woman who grew up a Christian but ended up marrying an atheist proves that it can work.

In a blog post reposted by Yahoo, Sarah Allen explained why her marriage to an atheist man named Dave has now lasted for 11 years. She said she and her husband live a "pretty peaceful life" despite occasional arguments about faith, or the lack thereof.

Sarah stressed the importance of communication in their relationship – which she described as "inter-faith-ish."  This is particularly important since they already have two kids. She said her husband allows her to take their children to church and has agreed to discuss this religious matter further once the boys are ready to choose their own faith.

"Dave does not have a problem with me taking our kids to church and teaching them Biblical principles, so Sunday mornings, my two boys and I attend church with my parents while Dave stays home. We've agreed to revisit me taking the boys to church if they ever start wanting to stay at home," Sarah said.

She added that she wants their children "to come to God on their own terms."

"When the time comes, I will not be one of those mothers who pitches a hissy when my kids have to learn about Islam or play with a dreidel while participating in a school's holiday programme," she said.

The Christian wife also shared that she and her husband always have an "open dialogue" about their respective beliefs.

"He can freely ask me questions and I can now give the answer without fear of him browbeating me with anti-religion speech," Sarah said.

She said that ultimately, having an open communication about their beliefs leads to love and respect.