Christian Vlogger Accuses Facebook Of 'Muzzling' Her For Saying Bible Condemns Homosexuality

Elizabeth Johnston is known as the 'Activist Mommy' on her Facebook page, where she has over 76,000 followers.The Activist Mommy/ Facebook

A Christian vlogger has accused Facebook of 'muzzling' her by removing blog posts where she argued the Bible condemns homosexuality.

'They are muzzling me and my biblical message while Mark Zuckerberg claims that Facebook is unbiased,' said Elizabeth Johnston – known online as the 'Activist Mommy' – according to LifeSiteNews.

Johnston had her Facebook page frozen three times by the social media site, after she published a post last week which argued the Bible condemns homosexuality. Facebook said they removed her post 'because it doesn't follow the Facebook community standards', and blocked Johnston's account access.

When her page was unfrozen, Johnston returned to Facebook to publicly post complaining about the freeze. That post was then removed and Johnson was blocked from accessing her page for another seven days.

'The post Facebook deleted included no name-calling, no threats, and no harassment. It was intellectual discussion and commentary on the Bible,' Johnston said.

She asked 'why the doctrine of tolerance only applies to those who subscribe to Mark Zuckerberg's Silicon Valley leftist ideology'.

Facebook states that it 'removes hate speech, which includes content that directly attacks people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation.'

Johnston said she could understand the freeze 'if I were threatening people or posting slander. But this is a classic case of censorship of Christians and our First Amendment rights to free speech'.

She did add that she was 'very appreciative of the platform Facebook gives us to promote family values,' and accepts that Facebook 'has the right to set their own rules'.

Yesterday Johnston posted on her Facebook page in response to the popularity of her story. 'People are sick of the censorship of conservatives on social media!' she said.