Christian takes Sports Direct to tribunal after being 'forced to work on Sundays'

A Christian is taking Sports Direct to a tribunal today for allegedly forcing him to work on SundaysReuters

A practising Christian is taking the controversial retail chain Sports Direct to en employment tribunal today after he he was made to work on Sundays.

In a document due to be considered by the tribunal and reported by Buzzfeed, the worker said that bosses would "constantly roster me to work on Sundays which resulted in me taking time off unpaid and as a consequence I have suffered financial loss".

The employee, who is not named, added that he was injured by an accident at work and victimised and harassed. The document says: "I suffered injury at work due to the negligence of my managers and as a result have suffered serious injury. I requested the company to make reasonable adjustment to my working pattern in 2015. The company refused to make reasonable adjustment to my working pattern to accommodate my needs to allow flexible working. Company had been trying to stage my dismissal since August 2015 and has been making several attempts to victimise and harass me at work."

Following his injury, the man was transferred from the branch in Putney, west London, to another, larger shop but it was harder to get around there and he was less able to manage with his disability.

The document goes on: "I was transferred by the company unreasonably from my employer to a store which was not reasonable for me to accommodate due to the nature of my disability. Company was very well aware as per my flexible working application that I am unable to attend the store where I was transferred to. This was done to further victim and harasses me to ensure I suffered loss of warning and further detriment."

He man adds in his claim: "I have been subjected to harassment by my store manager."

He also claims that he was maid to work more than the hours for which he was paid.

Similar allegations against Sports Direct, owned by the billionaire businessman Mike Ashley, have been criticised in Parliament by the business select committee.

The case was heard today at Croydon employment tribunal.