Christian Socialist Movement votes for name change

The Christian Socialist Movement has voted to change its name to Christians on the Left.

The vote was made at its AGM and will have to be approved by a ballot of all CSM members.

There was overwhelming support for the move at Thursday's meeting, with 93% voting in favour.

The change was first mooted last year by CSM Chair, Stephen Timms MP, and was followed by an extensive consultation with members.

CSM Director Andy Flannagan said: "Members wanted us to be able to look outwards as much as possible, remaining true to our values and promoting them beyond the Westminster village.

"Many of us find the name, Christian Socialist Movement, is not understood outside the Labour Party and we can spend more time explaining our name than we do promoting what we stand for.

"The new name, 'Christians on the Left', if our wider membership agrees with the AGM decision to adopt it, will help us be a better bridge between the churches and left of centre politics, which can only be a good thing."

The name change will come with a change to CSM's constitution to affirm for the first time its ongoing commitment to Christian Socialism."