Christian school judged 'inadequate' for teaching creationism in science lessons

A Christian school teaching creationism in science lessons has been judged 'inadequate' in a highly critical report by Ofsted.

The schools inspectorate found Kings Kids Christian School in New Cross, east London, only taught the Bible's Genesis story in science and said there was 'no evidence' pupils learnt about evolution. The children also did not know about other faiths meaning they are ill-equipped for modern British life, the report said.

The small Christian primary school in Lewisham only has around 25 pupils.Google Maps

The quality of the teaching was poor, Ofsted added, because of the inadequate curriculum which the school said was established on 'biblical principles'.

'Pupils do not study practical science or develop the skills to collect and evaluate scientific evidence,' the inspectors' report published earlier this month said. 'The creation story is taught in science and there is no evidence that pupils learn scientific theories about the origin of the Earth.'

Humanities subjects such as history are also inadquate because they focus on American Christian history viewed through the lives of missionaries, the report added.

'Pupils study human and social subjects linked to the stories of the Bible, the lives of Christian missionaries and the history of the United States of America,' it said.

While pupils are self-confident and well cared for, they 'do not know enough about other faiths, cultures and different groups of people with the full range of protected characteristics,' the report said. 'This means that pupils are not as well prepared for life in modern British society as they could be.'

The £6,000 a year fee-paying primary school emphasised its Christian atmosphere and influence, with its website saying: 'Jesus is to be in the centre of all learning.'

It also said the school's model is based on the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) School of Tomorrow Programme, which has also been heavily criticised for failing to give a rounded education.

The report represents a drastic fall from the school's last report in 2014, which rated it as 'good' – the second highest mark.

Christian Today contacted the head teacher, Mrs Mary Okenwa, who is also the proprietor, for comment.