Christian festivals on August Bank Holiday: Missing your festival high? Here's what's left

Christian festivals dominate the summer calendar, in particular for evangelicals, who have a wealth of options to choose from.

They have long been the high point of the year for many faithful churchgoers offering time out in a beautiful setting with friends and family and the chance to spend longer investing in a relationship with God.

If you haven't yet had your Christian festival fix and following the extensive coverage on Christian Today hasn't satisfied you, including our festival survival guide, plus how to beat the Festival High syndrome, then here are what is left of the Christian summer getaways: 

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The Newfrontiers-linked festival in Devon runs over the Bank Holiday weekend. Being part of the Commission family of churches from around the world, it is charismatic in style but conservative in theology in particular around women leadership, sexuality and the authority of the Bible.

WHERE: The Westpoint Arena, Exeter, EX5 1DJ

WHEN: August 24-28

Soul SurvivorSoul Survivor founder Mike Pilavachi (R) interviews pastor and worship leader Tim Hughes (L).

Soul Survivor

Billed as the most influential youth event in a generation, Soul Survivor has run since 1993 when it started as a spin off from New Wine.

Now attracting more than 25,000 across three separate weeks, 2017 is a turning point year with the camp leaving its traditional home in Somerset to move to the Peterborough Arena.

It is charismatic in style with a particular emphasis with works of the Holy Spirit. In teaching it is very supportive of women in leadership but more conservative on sexuality and the authority of the Bible.

WHERE: Peterborough

WHEN: Week B August 19-23 (sold out), Week C August 25-29

PixabayChristian festivals are great, but they often involve camping.


Officially a Christian music festival hosting some of the biggest names in folk, rock and pop music, Greenbelt also hosts discussions and teaching based around the Christian faith but not exclusively so.

One of the older festivals in the Christian calendar, it has run since 1974 and attracts around 20,000 each year.

Aiming to be a collision of justice, the arts and faith, it is more liberal and overtly left-leaning than other Christian festivals and is more loosely based around Christian theology rather than having a set teaching purpose.

WHERE: The Boughton Estate

WHEN: August 25-28

ReutersThe Jesus Arms pub is a regular feature at Greenbelt.

David's Tent

The newest Christian festival on the calendar, David's Tent describes itself as a 72-hour worship event.

Although teaching is available, the never-ending worship is its unique selling point with worship leaders such as Jonathan and Melissa Helser from the US and Steffany Gretzinger from Bethel Music headlining.

WHERE: Wiston Estate, Sussex.

WHEN: August 25-28