'Choose a better future,' says Archbishop of Canterbury in Easter sermon

Justin Welby

The Archbishop of Canterbury says the world should not go on as it did before the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Most Rev Justin Welby, preaching his Easter Sunday sermon from Canterbury Cathedral, said the last year had been "yet another cruel period of history taking from us those we loved, ending lives cruelly and tragically".

But he added that death did not have the final word and that God was offering new life to the world through Christ. 

"But because Jesus who was dead is alive: death is a liar. The truth of Christ is the reality, we have certain hope and a changed future," he said.

"We will be reunited with those we love. We are offered forgiveness and freedom to live God's new life as a gift – to be taken or ignored."

He went on to say that the "joy and purpose" Jesus offered to his disciples 2,000 years ago is the same offered to people today, as he invited everyone to "accept that new reality".

Instead of continuing on as usual, the Archbishop urged people to "give generously" and called on the Church to do the work of "resisting injustice, treasuring our world, tending the needy".

"In this country, in this world we have a choice over the next few years," he said.

"We can go on as before Covid, where the most powerful and the richest gain and so many fall behind. We have seen where that left us.

"Or we can go with the flooding life and purpose of the resurrection of Jesus, which changes all things, and choose a better future for all.

"The overwhelming generosity of God to us should inspire the same by us, in everything from private acts of love and charity to international aid generously maintained."