Child's Adorable Christmas Letter Asks Santa to 'Keep Jesus Safe'


Santa Claus must have been amused after reading a rather unusual holiday request from a child—one of many such letters posted on social media just days before Christmas.

In the letter, the child said: "Dear Santa, I love you forever and ever. Please keep your elves safe. I will not fight my brother. Keep everyone safe. Keep Jesus safe."

The child must have been thinking of baby Jesus lying in the manger, as depicted in the Nativity scene, and he wants Santa Claus to watch over him.

The Daily Mail reported that the letters to Santa this year were shared on social media by the parents of the excited kids who all still believe in the man in red with a bushy white beard riding on a sleigh in the sky, giving gifts to children who have been "nice" throughout the year.

Surprisingly, many of the kids this year did not ask Santa for material gifts, according to The Daily Mail.

One child wished that "the children in hospital get better soon."

Another kid did not ask for anything but simply praised Santa, saying, "Dear Santa, I really love you. Thank you for your hard work."

A fellow youngster was quite inquisitive, asking plenty of questions like, "Dear Santa, how is it possible to deliver presents to the whole world in one night? How is it possible to eat all of those cookies without getting sick? And are you good all the time too? And if people are bad is that real coal you give people or is it rocks?"

The young writer signed off with: 'Oh and I hope you have a good Christmas this year!'

One playful child wrote, "Dear Santa... I want a whoopie cushion that farts and it's gonna be funny."

Another kid probably wanted to get his name in Santa's gift list, saying, "Santa Claus, I have been a very good boy and my mum has just had a new baby. I [have] helped look after him this year."

One youngster was more direct in pleading for a gift: "Dear Santa, my name is Teddy. I tried to be a good boy this year. I want an interesting surprise from you."

A mother wrote that her six-year-old only wanted a very simple gift from Santa: "Yes, that's right my son has asked Santa for cheese Pringles #easilypleased"

Another child said simply, "Dear Santa, I like your beard."