Church pastor being investigated over £91 'plague protection kits' to fight coronavirus

The Charity Commission is investigating the sale of the oil(Photo: Google)

The Charity Commission is investigating a church pastor over £91 'plague protection kits' to ward off coronavirus.

Bishop Climate Wiseman wrote on the blog of the Kingdom Church in Camberwell, London, that using the kit could save people them from the pandemic. 

The kit, since removed from the website, included "Divine Cleansing Oil" and a piece of red yarn, and was on sale for £91. 

He previously told the London Evening Standard that the £91 fee was not a sale price but donation to cover costs.

"We don't sell the kits, it is donations, it just covers the cost of the material, we don't make a lot of profit," he said.

The Charity Commission, which regulates charities in England and Wales, told the BBC: "We are looking into the serious concern about Kingdom Church GB's alleged sale of false Covid-19 protection devices, as a matter of urgency."

Although the link to the kit has been deactivated following criticism from Southwark Council, the website continues to sell a "Spiritual Divine Cleansing Kit" for £50 containing "Divine Cleansing Oil", scarlet yarn and a "Special Divine Protection Miracle Prayer Card". 

The product description says that the oil contains hyssop and cedarwood, described as "two biblical ingredients which are biblically proven to divinely spiritually cleanse from all kind of manners of diseases". 

"What does the Bible talk about when it comes to plagues? In Exodus 12:22-23 and Leviticus 14 it tells us believers were given special spiritual instructions to follow for divine cleansing," the description reads.

It tells people to use the oil on their hands, neck and doorframes, and tie the scarlet yarn around their waists "for added protection and peace of mind". 

An article on the church's blog tells people that using the oil is "evidence of faith" and encourages people to order their "Divine Plague Protection Kits". 

"Though people are falling ill and dying all around you, you can be safe and sound under the Divine Protection of His Promise," Bishop Climate writes in the post.

"For just as all those who sprinkled blood upon their doorpost were spared by the plague of Death, you too shall be spared by from every plague.

"It is by faith that you can be saved from every pandemic by covering yourself with the Divine Cleansing Oil and wearing the Scarlet Yarn on your body. That is why I want to encourage you, if you haven't done so already, to get your Divine Plague Protection Kit today!" 

It is one of many oils being sold on the church's website, with others available for prosperity, "miracle money" and protection from divorce.

Bishop Climate said that the formula for the plague protection kit "comes from the Bible". 

"These things are there in the Bible," he said in a statement to Christian Today.

"I did not go claiming there was a cure. All I was saying is that there has always been a way of God protecting His people.

"Please don't get me wrong. We thank God for the NHS but people need to give God the glory. The devil just wants to silence the church so that God does not get glory for this.

"Even in the old times, when it comes to plagues, it was the prophets and the people that God used to intervene.

"I cannot just sit down and do nothing. I have found this formula within the Bible. It does work. There are people who already have used it and they have recovered one hundred per cent."

This article has been updated to included additional comment from Bishop Climate.