CES 2018 news: Wacom is selling a huge 32-inch pen-and-touch tablet for $3,300 that supports 4K and Pro Pen stylus 2

One of Wacom's first products in the Cintiq Pro line of tablets is this 16-inch model.Wacom

Electronics company Wacom showcased new tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Called the Cintiq Pro line of tablets, the new devices are huge even by tablet standards. The biggest one features a pen-and-touch screen measuring 32 inches.

Wacom's main tablet models for the showcase feature 24-inch and 32-inch screens. They are designed with edge-to-edge glass screens and can support the Pro Pen 2 stylus which reportedly has 8,192 pressure sensitivity levels.

The display supports 4K resolution. It can also be packed with as much as 1 billion colors, which is important for professionals that need precise color detail in creating their art.

The Cintiq Pro 24-inch model will be available with pen only and pen-and-touch displays. Meanwhile, the 32-inch model is only available in pen-and-touch variant.

Unlike their previous model the Cintiq 27HD, Cintiq Pro does not support ExpressKeys. This means that users cannot program shortcuts to perform common tasks like undo, cut, and copying data.

However, the package for the Cintiq Pro does include the ExpressKey Remote to make up for that lack of functionality.

While the Cintiq Pro offers massive workspace, it is not cheap. The 32-inch model costs $3,300 and will be available in spring. Meanwhile, the 24-inch model costs $2,200 and will be available sometime next month. Wacom obviously designed the Cintiq Pro models for professionals that need a large workspace to develop their art.

The company does have cheaper models for those who want to try their line of tablets, although for a smaller screen size. A 16-inch Cintiq Pro currently sells for $1,500, and a 13-inch version sells for $1,000.

Wacom is one of the industry leaders in creating tablets geared towards digital art. The closest people can get to a professional-grade tablet is maybe an iPad, but Wacom's new line of Cintiq Pro affords a huge workspace that is at least four times larger than Apple's device.