Celebrations as New CEO Joins African & Caribbean Evangelical Alliance

The African and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance (ACEA) has allowed Rev Katei Kirby to take up her new role as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) this week.

The African and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance (ACEA) has allowed Rev Katei Kirby to take up her new role as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) this week. The role will see Kirby manage, develop and deliver charitable services to members of Black Majority Churches. She will be in charge of strengthening relationships with Church leaders and also with government figures.

Kirby is the first woman to take up the post and will allow a female for the first time to represent the organisation and its constituency in the media arena.

“ACEA is an organisation that 21 years after it was set up is still uniquely championing unity in the pulpit and in public life, in the church and in the community. While the vehicle of leadership has changed, ACEA is still in service, and it is both an honour and privilege to take on this role,” commented Kirby.

The Chair of the Executive Board of Trustees of ACEA. Rev Nezlin Sterling commented, “Katei has competently served as the interim General Manager of ACEA for the past twelve months and we are delighted that she is remaining with us to take up the post of CEO.”

Currently serving as an ordained minister in Greenwich in the Wesleyan Holiness Church, Kirby is well-known for her marketing skills. The new CEO has an MA in Marketing Management and has also previously held the role as the had of Southwark Council’s Communications and Marketing Department.

The General Director of the Evangelical Alliance, Rev Joel Edwards said, “Katei Kirby's appointment as Chief Executive Officer of ACEA is an insightful and progressive move. Katei is an inspiring woman who will steer the organisation through interesting times over the next few years. Her wisdom and determination, together with her concern for people will make her an excellent ambassador for the church community. Katei is a valued colleague and I look forward to us working together.”

The leader of the Executive Council of the Redeemed Church of God in the UK and Ireland, Pastor Agru Irukwa also testified Kirby for her new position, saying, “I fully support the appointment of Katei. She is a wonderful lady who will do an excellent job.”

Joining the long list of supporters for Kirby, Bishop Wilton Powell, who is the National Overseer of Church of God Prophesy UK said, “Katei is a gifted communicator and strategist who will no doubt be a great asset to ACEA’s future development. My prayers and support will be with her.”

This year has seen great progression for Rev Kirby, as she was also recently appointed to the Board of Trustees of Premier Christian Media Group.

Premier Radio Chief Executive, Peter Kerridge expressed his delight at Kirby’s new appointment, saying, “Katei is a great communicator, with sensitive pastoral gifts and has a keen understanding of the issues facing the Church today. I am sure that under her leadership ACEA will make great strides forward and I, along with the team at Premier, look forward to helping in any way we can.”

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