Celebrate mums this Mother's Day

Damaris Trust has launched a social media campaign to get people of all ages thinking about their mums.

The campaign is inspired by new comedy flick The Guilt Trip, starring Seth Rogen and Barbara Streisand as a mother and son who spend eight days on a road trip together and come away understanding each other in new ways.

People are being invited to share their mum stories via Twitter with the chance of winning prizes, including a cupcake bouquet.

The campaign aims to remind people that "mums are for life, not just for childhood".

"The relationship we have with our mums as children is different from the relationship we have when we become adults, but they are still our mums," says Nick Pollard, head of Damaris Trust.

"Mums are valuable all the way through life."

Damaris Trust has produced special resources for churches and community groups to use in conjunction with The Guilt Trip.

It is inviting churches to feature clips from the movies in their Mothering Sunday services.

Find out more at  http://www.damaris.org/guilttrip#mumsareforlife