CCPAS Advises Parents to use ‘Good Sense’ Checklist for Summer Camps

The Churches Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS), at the forefront of teaching Christian and secular organisations within the UK about child protection practices, has published a ‘Good Sense’ checklist for all parents sending their children away on summer activities.

David Pearson, Executive Director of CCPAS, said: “Every parent and carer wants to be confident that those organising children’s activities are operating appropriate child protection procedures and good working practice when it comes to keeping their child safe.

“The trouble is that standards vary greatly – and some children are at risk of being harmed this summer as a result.

He continued: “Some organisations take extreme measures with child protection procedures, whilst others are wholly inadequate. CCPAS takes a ‘good sense’ approach, advocating sensible precautions as well as clear, unambiguous procedures for workers.”

The check-list outlines nine points that parents should follow in order to ensure that their children will be properly looked after. These include checking for a child protection policy and ensuring its appropriateness to the activity, making sure all workers with children have had a criminal record check (CRB), and whether there was a sufficient worker-child ratio.

Mr Pearson said: “These not only protect children and enable workers to do a better job, but also leave the parent/carer satisfied that their expectations will be met.”

He also raised the concern that “In the excitement of taking part in camps and other activities over the summer months, child protection all too often takes a back seat. We therefore urge parents and carers to consider this simple check list before they send their children away.

Mr Pearson also urged parents to not be coy in asking for information: “If they are unclear about the answers of to any of these questions, they should bear in mind they have the right to press for further information – and they should not allow their children to go unless they are completely satisfied.”

The CCPAS welcomed any concerned parents to contact them if they needed more advice and information.