CCM Artists Lend Voices for Children

|PIC1|Contemporary Christian music artists don't just sing about God's love, grace, and compassion to those suffering; many are actively conveying that message through their lives. And one of the ways some music artists have chosen to share their blessings is by participating and encouraging others to take part in child sponsorship.

One CCM artist who has been vocal about the need for child sponsorship is Grammy-winning Australian singer Rebecca St. James, who has been lending her voice for the work of the child sponsorship organisation Compassion International.

"God calls us all to serve and I hope to leave that word of encouragement with others wherever I can be of influence," said St. James in a recent interview.

The Christian songstress, who sponsors several children including one in Rwanda and and one in India, usually uses her concerts as a platform to educate her fans on the importance of helping impoverished children through sponsorship. While on tour in Europe in August, St. James took time each night to share about her "profoundly life changing" work with Compassion and also called on fans to get involved.

"My involvement with Compassion has expanded my worldview. It also expands the worldview of those who come to my concerts," she stated on the Compassion International website.

During her recent tour throughout Europe, St. James performed nightly a song she wrote, called "Beautiful Stranger," which she hopes will prompt her listeners to reach out with God's love.

"The song challenges me, as I hope it will challenge those that hear it-to reach out to offer God's help and hope to those that are struggling around us," stated St. James on her website. "From the obvious needs that I saw in Africa-to those in need who are all around us every day-too often faceless and lost in the crowds-God is longing for us to reach out to others. The world needs more compassion."

According to Compassion, the dedication St. James has given toward the organization for more than a decade has directly helped more than 30,000 of the world's neediest children find sponsorship.

"Rebecca St. James is passionately, articulately, and untiringly speaking out about the needs of children in poverty, and the God-given responsibility of Christians to reach out to do something about it," said Tony Neeves, Compassion's VP of International Development.

St. James has helped these children escape the "cruel trap of poverty" and have "real hope for a better future," he added.

Michael W. Smith is also another popular Christian music artist who has served as an avid spokesperson for child sponsorship through Compassion.

"We're pouring our hearts and resources into the kids who will one day influence the kingdom of God," said the award-winning artist in a promotional article on the website of LifeWay Christian Resources.

"It's about reaching the poor, doing things for others that they can't do for themselves," he added.

"If, as Christians, we're not doing that, we've missed the point."

Other notable Christian musicians who are among the more than 700,000 people sponsoring children through Compassion today include Amy Grant, Geoff Moore, and Bebo Norman.