Catch David Suchet in the footsteps of St Paul

David Suchet with an early picture of the apostle Paul(Photo: BBC)

David Suchet will be retracing the steps of St Paul on his missionary travels in a two-part series for the BBC.

Part one of "In the Footsteps of St Paul" airs on BBC One at 9am on Sunday 23 December, followed by part two at 9am on Monday 24 December.

It sees the Poirot actor visit the places where the great apostle walked two thousand years ago.

The documentary is also a personal journey for Suchet, a practising Christian, as he examines Paul's writings and the latest archaeological research.

Suchet has in the past spoken of his admiration for the Bible and the place of Christianity in the public square.

He also recently recorded the entire Bible for the Bible Audio Project.

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