Casey Anthony owes $100K to search company who looked for Caylee (video)

Casey Anthony, the woman acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony, reportedly owes over $100,000 in expenses to a Texas search and rescue organisation that was involved in the search for her child.

According to recent bankruptcy court documents, attorneys for Texas Equusearch Mounted Search and Recovery say that Anthony knew that her daughter was already dead when the search team began their search for Caylee in 2008.

The 27-year-old first reported her daughter missing in 2008, before later changing her story multiple times. She was arrested and charged with first-degree murder of her child. But after a six week trial, she was found not guilty on all counts of of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter. Her attorney claimed that Caylee had accidentally drowned in a family swimming pool.

Three years after the death of Caylee, Anthony's acquittal in July 2011 was a shock to the nation, and she had since gone into hiding in Florida. She filed for bankruptcy in January this year, claiming that she is unemployed, has just $1,000 in assets and $792,000 in liabilities. According to ABC News, Equusearch says that the $100,000 debt should not be discharged from Anthony.