Carrie Underwood finds out her husband Mike Fisher is 'married to someone famous'

Christian couple Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood prioritises their family over stardom.(Facebook/Mike Fisher & Carrie Underwood-Fisher)

Christian country singer Carrie Underwood and her professional hockey player husband Mike Fisher have such a good marriage that they are not bothered over simple things such as who is more famous between the two of them, or who is more recognised by the media.

So when Fisher saw himself being interviewed on television with the description "married to someone famous," he shared it on his Instagram account (@mfisher1212) and wrote, "Had a good laugh at this!"

His wife thought it was pretty hilarious, too, so she reposted the same photo on her Instagram account and jokingly said that her name has changed: "First name: Someone. Last name: Famous."

The two are enjoying parenthood for the first time since their son Isaiah Michael arrived just this February. Fisher said that being a father is the best feeling in the world, while watching his wife step up in the role of motherhood comes a close second.

"That instant instinct of being a mom," he told The Tennessean. "Our family's pretty awesome. There's nothing better."

When his son arrived, things actually changed for the better for Fisher and his family. "The first thing you think about now is how much more you appreciate your parents and their love for you," he said. "Ultimately I believe the God the Father, his love for us changes the whole picture. It's a lot more vivid."

He called his son a miracle from God, and Fisher admitted that he gets pretty emotional when he prays over his son.

When asked if they have any plans on giving Isaiah Michael a baby brother or sister anytime soon, Fisher smiled and said: "You've gotta ask my wife that question. We're kind of enjoying this moment and worrying about that one when the time comes."