CARE Campaign Against Internet Pornography Heading For Belfast

CARE, the Christian social concern charity, will hold a one-day event in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on 24 September, in a bid to tackle the persistent problem of internet pornography.
The ‘Searching for Intimacy’ event is the continuation of the highly successful conference held in London under the same title last October, itself the forerunner to an equally successful conference at the London School of Theology in June this year. The June event also featured music written specially for the occasion by Christian singer-songwriter Graham Kendrick.

“The issue of internet pornography is very topical at the moment and it is something we want to address,” said CARE’s General Director Nola Leach, just one of the speakers who will advise church leaders and others on how best to tackle the problem of internet pornography. “Leaders often feel that they lack the resources to help others. We want to give them some practical support to reach out to those in their care.”

Other speakers attending the event include medical expert Dr Trevor Stammers, CARE Chairman Lyndon Bowring, Addictions Specialist David Partington, child abuse consultant Dr Alice Swann, and Stephen Carrick-Davies, Director at Childnet.

CARE’s fight against internet pornography saw the launch of a new special website offering support and advice for those struggling with the issue, as well as their partners.

The advice site can be viewed under