Cancer-stricken singer Joey Feek hopes for Christmas miracle — that she could witness daughter's 2nd birthday in February

Joey Feek remains hopeful of a miracle from God.(Facebook/Joey and Rory)

Christian country singer Joey Feek has bravely accepted the fact that her cancer is not going away, and doctors have given her only a few more months left to live.

But this Christmas, Joey is hoping for a miracle from God—that she might live long enough to witness her daughter Indiana's second birthday next February.

This was revealed by her husband Rory in his blog called "This Life I Live," where he raved about his wife's inner strength and hope, which "no amount of pain or medicine" can touch.

Rory also shared just how special their bus driver Russ is to their family in the post he entitled "A Bus Full of Joy." According to Rory, Russ has gone above and beyond his line of duty to care for the Feek family. When Joey requested to see all of her friends, Russ made it happened.

"She wanted to tell everyone one more goodbye. Her friends gathered around her on the couch and she told them of her hope that she might be able to still be here for Christmas, or for Indiana's second birthday in February," Rory writes.

Joey believes that God can do anything, and so she, Rory, Russ, and all of their friends got together in prayer to ask God for a Christmas miracle. And if only more people could have fit inside Russ' bus, then Rory was certain that more people would have been praying along with them.

"In that moment, I knew, that if there was a way – if Russell's bus could have been big enough – there would be thousands upon thousands of people on the bus trip up to see her," says Rory.