Call to pray for India's Dalits

The president of Gospel for Asia has called for "urgent prayer" for Dalits in India after an attack by caste Hindus.

Around 260 homes were destroyed by mobs in an attack on three Dalit colonies in Dharmapuri district, western Tamil Nadu, earlier in the month.

The rampage was triggered by the suicide of a caste Hindu man who was dismayed by the marriage of his daughter to a Dalit boy from one of the colonies.

Around 1,500 Dalits were displaced as a result of the violence and forced to find shelter in government-run schools.

GFA founder K P Yohannan said the situation for Dalits was "growing more critical daily".

"Christians everywhere are called to urgent prayer for these oppressed people who are crying out to God for hope," he said.

"Only Jesus Christ can offer the ultimate hope and freedom these abused people seek."

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