Call to Christian leaders to 'carry the torch' at Wembley prayer event

Global Day of Prayer London is calling for 1,000 leaders to pray together to set Britain ablaze at the Carry the Torch national leaders summit.

The event is taking place in the Great Hall at Wembley Stadium on September 17.

The key focus of the day will be to jointly see how God's Kingdom can increase in the UK releasing the Gospel to millions of people and seeing tangible transformations within every sector of society.

"We are looking to God for mercy and blessings upon our nation as we gather together," said Jonathan Oloyede, convener GDOP London.

"Every leader of small and large groups within the marketplace, church and ministry are invited. We would like to see lots of young leaders from different cultures and streams joining us on the day."

Evangelist Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham, will be one of the guest ministers on the day.

He encouraged Christians to take part.

"I believe it's really important when leaders come together that we pray," he said.

"I believe God is going to do a great and mighty work in the UK as a result of that. I'm starting to see things shake spiritually in the UK and we pray God will use it to bring honour and glory to his name."

Other guest ministers include Ade Omooba, Graham Kendrick, Noel Robinson, Lara Martin, and Hugh Osgood.

There will be special presentations by Phil Hulks from Urban Saints, and Shirley Brownhill, visionary for YWAM-Mega Cities towards the 2012 Olympics.

Key national and international Christian leaders are getting behind this strategic event.

"Having lived in London all these years, anything like this just warms my heart," said George Verwer founder of Operation Mobilisation.

"I hope as many leaders as possible will be there. It's absolutely vital that Christian leaders get together for prayer, for fellowship and to face the reality of the challenge we have in Britain right now where the danger is we're going to lose a whole generation of young people if we don't move into more intensive spiritual action for God. Prayer is the bottom line."

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