'Call the Midwife' 2016 Christmas Special spoilers: BBC announces special episode's release details

A promotional still for "Call the Midwife"Facebook/callthemidwifeofficial

BBC One officially released the time slot for this year's Christmas special of "Call the Midwife."

The network announced that fans of the period drama series will be able to watch the show at 8 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 25.

During the Christmas special, the nuns and midwives from Nonnatus House will travel all the way to South Africa during the Apartheid era.

According to reports, the plot of the upcoming special episode will begin after the residents of the Nonnatus House received and alarming call from the rural Hope Clinic located near Cape Town while they are celebrating White Christmas. The nuns and midwives were asked to help take care of the unfortunate patients in the area.

They will have to deal with several challenges along the way, such as being understaffed in a hospital filled with sick patients, working with a limited budget, using contaminated water supplies, starting a polio immunization program for rural children, as well as performing caesarean operations using candlelight.

In an interview with Telegraph UK, series writer Heidi Thomas revealed that she deliberately intended to incite anger to the show's audience during Christmas day.

"We often tell the story of people who are in a minority and it says something about the British viewing public that a minority subject gets a majority audience," Thomas stated. "We have a passion for the way history well told can reflect the way we lived our lives. That passion leads to compassion. Passion, compassion and anger are all there in our Christmas story," the writer went on to say.

The Christmas special of "Call the Midwife" will feature the return of actors Judy Parfitt as Sister Monica Jean, Pam Ferris as Sister Evangeline, Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne, Bryony Hannah as Sister Mary Cynthia, Helen George as Trixie Franklin, Laura Main as Shelagh Turner, Cliff Parisi as Fred Buckle, Charlotte Ritchie as Barbara Gilbert, as well as Linda Bassett as Nurse Phyllis Crane.

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