Call to Christians to be peacemakers as Brexit turmoil continues


Christians in Politics is calling on the Church to pray and be peacemakers in the face of deep divisions and unprecedented legal battles as the UK continues to wrestle with Brexit. 

It has produced a new animated film called "Order from Chaos" available for download and use within churches and Christian events. 

The film, which can be viewed below, has been designed as a non-partisan resource that church and small group leaders can use around discussion times or as an intro to prayer.

It warns that the UK is in danger of sliding towards a state of permanent division akin to the culture wars in the US where society is split largely between Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals. 

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Christians in Politics Executive Director Andy Flannagan said that in this kind of scenario, separate tribes inevitably read different newspapers and watch different TV channels, while their own views are only reinforced by social media algorithms. 

The film encourages Christians to reject this and instead model a different kind of engagement, rooted in prayer and a recognition that there is something to learn from hearing other views and perspectives.

It urges Christians to "disagree well" and put kingdom before tribe by intentionally building relationships with those who hold different opinions. 

"I come from Northern Ireland, so I am all too painfully aware of what happens when tribes exist separately within the same country. In the UK right now, there is a real danger of a cultural divide becoming a cultural chasm, from which we may struggle to return," said Flannagan. 

He added: "Being on our knees won't just change the Brexit situation, it will change US. And that may give us just a chance of being the peace-makers and bridge-builders that our country so desperately needs."