Brother of priest kidnapped by ISIS in Yemen: 'Everything is secure in God's hands'

Salesian priest Fr Tom Uzhunnalil is being held prisoner by Islamic State.

The brother of kidnapped priest Fr Tom Uzhunnalil is leaving everything in God's hands, according to the Catholic News Service.

CNS interviewed Mathew Uzhunnalil at his home in Ramapuram in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Fr Tom, 56, was taken by Islamic State fighters who attacked an old people's home in Yemen on March 4, killing four nuns and 12 others.

Mathew Uzhunnalil, 73, said: "I am waiting for clear good news. Until then, I will stay at home."

He said he would return to his family in Gujarat only after he had news of his brother.

"A lot of people are coming and even hold prayer meetings," he told CNS.

Asked how he spent time in his ancestral home, he said: "I pray, recite the rosary and read."

Quoting a book given him by his sister, he added: "Leave everything in God's hands and trust in him. Everything is secure in God's hands."

He described his brother as "a very cool and quiet person".

Widespread reports that Fr Tom was to be crucified were exposed as an internet rumour after repeated denials by the authorities and his ecclesiastical superiors. He is believed to be still alive and it is thought he may be held for ransom.

Islamic State is believed to have raised large sums of money from the practice.

However, there have been many reports of priests being tortured and murdered after being taken captive. On at least one occasion a ransom was paid for a priest who was killed anyway and returned to his family in pieces.